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first two albums up [03 Jul 2006|04:00pm]

This summer's gallery has opened -- go visit.

If you would like to submit any pictures, do let me or Dan know.
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vagina monolouges... [08 Dec 2005|01:08pm]

Heres the dilly... I'm in the vagina monolouges MC and I'm doing My Vagina was My Village. Its the one about the Bosnian refugee who was raped by soldiers. I am doing the sad part, but we still need someone to do the happy part. If you are good with accents, and you think you might be able to learn (we can work on it together) please let me know. The show is going ot be in late Feb. lemme know if you are interested.
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Top 5 Referrers, wst.org, Nov. 2005 [02 Dec 2005|03:41pm]

[ mood | amused ]

1 35942 26.15% - (Direct Request)
2 3092 2.25% Google
3 608 0.44% Yahoo!
4 414 0.30% MSN
5 376 0.27% http://www.livejournal.com/users/misscarolyn/

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Summer 2006 [26 Nov 2005|05:45pm]

[ mood | excited ]


Be there. Be part of it.

http://www.wst.org .

Accepting staff nominations until the Winter Board Meeting, on Dec. 28.

Check out the Mission Statement Blog and leave some comments!

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UPDATES from WST! [25 Nov 2005|11:40am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

{Copy - n - pasted from email - Help spread the word - Association Meeting Tomorrow!}

Hello, and happy Thanksgiving!
In this email:
1) Mailing Lists
2) Fall Association Meeting: Sat., Nov. 26 at 12:00PM
3) Show Choices for Summer 2006
4) Our New Mission Statement
5) Staff Nominations
1. Mailing Lists:
We've recently consolidated a number of our WST mailing lists into the single WST-Everyone list - if you'd like to unsubscribe, please visit:
2. Fall Association Meeting.
This year's Fall Association meeting will be held at noon on Saturday, Nov. 26.
The location: Dan's Apartment in College Park:
The goal: hear from YOU about what show you'd like to do next summer.
(Can't make the meeting? Reply to this email!)
8000 Boteler Ln. Apt 543
College Park, MD 20740
Brief Directions:
Coming from Bethesda, you'll want to take the Beltway East, towards
Silver Spring/College Park.
- Take the exit for ROUTE 1 SOUTH toward College Park.
- A mile or two down Rte. 1 take the exit for 193 W.  It's a right turn
and there's a sign that says UM EVENTS.
- Go RIGHT at the FIRST ROAD (not the church parking lot).  This is
- At the end of Green mead take a RIGHT into the apartment complex.
- Turn right immediately down the first row of cars.  You can park
anywhere along the right side where it says Visitor Parking.  If there
is no parking there, go back out the way you came.  Take a right and
park in the lot at the very end of Green mead (Lot 4-M).
- Once you park, turn around and building 500 is right there.  Our
apartment is 543 which is up three flights of stairs (yay!).
I think that should be clear enough.  If you get lost, call Dan at
(240) 447-8392
3. Show Choices
  The shows up for consideration for the summer of 2006 are:
Click any show, or visit http://www.wst.org/shows06/ ,  to read more details about it - we'll be discussing them at the Association Meeting on Saturday.
If you can't make it to the meeting, we'd be glad to hear from you anyway - just reply to this email and we'll read your comments at the Association and Board meetings on Saturday.
4. Mission Statement
WST's Board of Directors has begun working on a new, revised and stronger mission statement. To read about progress so far, and to offer comments and even write in a suggested mission statement of your own, visit http://www.wst.org/mission .
5. Staff Nominations
We are still seeking nominations for all staff positions! If you'd like to nominate someone - or yourself - take a look at the staff page and send an email to Jared, at chairman@wst.org , or just reply to this email. Interviews will be held at the Winter Board Meeting, on Dec. 28, 2005.
Thank you!
Dan Hoffman (listkeeper@wst.org)
Wildwood Summer Theatre
To unsubscribe automatically, visit http://www.wst.org/mailinglists.htm .
Problems? Questions? Comments? Contact listkeeper@wst.org .
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Radio Shack commercial [19 Nov 2005|01:07am]

Can anyone tell me if Utkarsh (sp?) from Sugar was just in the Radio Shack commercial I saw for a Nextel phone. I swear to G-d it was him.
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photos [04 Sep 2005|09:29pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Mr. Hoff... so last year you went thru like 10 billion pictures for sweeney, and it took you a while.

whats the time frame for grand hotel?

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pictures [13 Aug 2005|06:51am]

Grand Hotel Collection

There's a password, to keep out stupid ruffians.
EDIT : E-mail me if you haven't gotten the password yet.

If y'all are nice, I'll get the Sweeney Todd one running soon.
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[05 Aug 2005|03:09pm]

originally uploaded by caterwaul.

I did promise that some of the photos I've taken would end up online.

Last weekend. Come see the show.
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[29 Jul 2005|02:20pm]

Here is the Gazette article (cunningly entitled Youths bring grand vision to stage) minus the page 14 photograph.

I also feel obligated to say this;

Grand Hotel
The Musical

July 29, 30 & August 5, 6 at 8pm
July 31 at 2pm

Quince Orchard High School
15800 Quince Orchard Rd.
Gaithersburg, MD

Adults: $9
Students: $7
Seniors: $7

Tickets now available online.
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For the Singin' in the Rain crew [27 Jan 2005|02:09pm]

I think you should see this.
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Announcing...2005 Staff & Board Additions [30 Dec 2004|02:15am]

[ mood | accomplished ]


The Wildwood Summer Theatre Board of Directors is proud to announce the following new staff members for our 2005 production of 'Grand Hotel:'

Stage Manager: Abby Graber
Music Director: Elliott Hayes
Conductor: Ian Stuart
Technical Director: Daniel Hoffman
Scenic Designer: Jared Goldstein
Costume Designer: Kate Nolfi

For the complete staff list, please see http://www.wst.org/staff.htm

A number of positions still need to be filled:
Lighting Designer
Sound Designer
Props Designer
Hair & Makeup Designer

If you are interested, or know anyone who is, please email producer@wst.org .

Also, the Board elected Amy Millican and Alice Hawfield as Tenured Members of the Board, Joan Keller as Treasurer, and Yaara Kolnik as Alumni Liason.

Watch http://www.wst.org for updates as the beginning of the season approaches.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Want to know more? Want to help?
Contact Josh Keller, Producer, at producer@wst.org , or, for matters relevant to the board, contact Jared Goldstein, Chairman of the Board, at chairman@wst.org .

Thank you, and have a happy and successful new year!

-- The WST Board of Directors

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Grand Hotel [02 Dec 2004|10:38pm]
As Dan said, our show next summer will be Grand Hotel...

I know many people do not know much about the show. It's a great vehicle for us: there are many lead roles, a good sized ensemble, complex characters, and a healthy amount of dancing. Find out more about it here:

Synopsis: http://www.mtishows.com/show_plot.asp?ID=000230
Music: http://www.mtishows.com/show_songs.asp?ID=000230

I'm very excited about the show. We've got lots of great things planned. The next step is we will be choosing our staff on December 29th.



p.s. If you are on the wst-everyone list, you should have gotten an email similar to this post. If you did not get it, you're probably not on the list for some reason. To subscribe, go here: http://www.wst.org/cgi-local/mail.cgi?f=list&l=everyone
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"The Grand Hotel" in Summer 2005 [27 Nov 2004|11:35pm]

The WST board of directions has officially selected "The Grand Hotel" as the 2005 production.

As usual, the five shows considered (The Grand Hotel, The Wild Party, Man of La Mancha, Cabaret & Ragtime) were hotly debated, at length.

Next: staff selection in one month!
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Meetings!! [26 Nov 2004|04:43pm]

As far as I know the association meeting is at 3:30 and the board meeting is at 4 and they are at my house. My address is 1118 Reserve Champion Rd. Rockville, MD 20850. See you there.
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Thanks Dan! [29 Oct 2004|02:41pm]

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[24 Oct 2004|10:56pm]

Photos! Photos! Photos!!!!

We need them you guys! If you have them, post them!
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[24 Oct 2004|10:56pm]

Photos! Photos! Photos!!!!

We need them you guys! If you have them, post them!
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Anyone interested in Seeing a good show! [15 Oct 2004|12:54pm]

'Pippin' -- Montgomery College Performing Arts Series: Musical with a neo-gothic spin, 8 p.m. Oct. 13-16, 2 p.m. Oct. 17, Robert E. Parilla Performing Arts Center, Montgomery College, 51 Mannakee St., Rockville, $10, $8 seniors & students, 301-279-5301

you should all go see this show! its a really great production and i think all of you would enjoy it! There are 3 more performances left, so go out and see it!!!!
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[12 Oct 2004|11:29am]

[ mood | Impatient ]

=( when are the pics gonna be up? it's taking forever and two months. I really want to reminisce and be like "aw, Man with Cap!"

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